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11 Fabulous Ways to Wear a Scarf

Autumn’s here. There’s a chill in the air, the leaves on the trees are turning yellow, red and brown, the nights are drawing in and it’s time to swap our lunchtime salads for warming soups.

However, it’s not quite cool enough to dive headfirst into our duvet coats and chunky boots – because although the thermometer may say 4 degrees when you leave the house in the morning, by 3pm it’s often a positively tropical 16 degrees and you’re seriously regretting wearing that vest top under your sweater!

So what’s the solution?

Layers are great at this time of year – a t-shirt or blouse, cardi and a light jacket combo will give you all the cool / warm / dry options you need to deal with the Great British weather, however another super versatile piece which adds elegance to any outfit is a fabulous scarf.

A scarf is an indispensable item in any capsule wardrobe, as it can be worn and used in so many different ways.

Here are the  11 most fabulous ways to wear a scarf:

  1. As a scarf.

Well, duh! However not as obvious as it may seem – so many outfits I see on women would look much more polished with the addition of a colourful silk scarf or a luxurious wrap. A scarf makes any coat, from a Burberry-style trench to a denim jacket, simply chicer!

  1. Instead of a coat.

A fashion insider style trick is to wear a fitted long or short sleeved t-shirt, drape a long, wide scarf over your shoulders and arms and then secure around the waist with a skinny belt – and just like that you have a brand top! Snug and stylish!

This grey and green animal print scarf by ICHI would work perfectly at this time of year!

  1. As a belt.

As seen on the catwalks during fashion week, remove the belt that your coat or jacket comes with and replace it with a scarf (silk or similar is probably best to keep any bulk to a minimum). Completely on-trend and it’s a twist that will immediately make your look more “high-end”.

  1. In your hair.

Bored with your ponytail or bun? Give it a preppy pep by adding a little silk scarf. A cute look, but proceed with caution –  for most of us this is not really workplace appropriate, and regardless of that, no bows please (unless you’re seven, in which case carry on!)

  1. To add interest to a plain blouse or top.

A similar idea to number 2 above, but with a narrower scarf. Just drape the scarf round your neck and tuck the two ends under a skinny belt – a very “fashion-y” look!

Try it with this light blue paisley scarf by SOYACONCEPT.

  1. As a sarong.

A large lightweight scarf doubles up perfectly as a sarong if you’re trying to reduce your suitcase weight when going on holiday! For more luggage weight-saving and style tips, see S.W.A.L.K.’s Perfect Holiday Capsule Wardrobe.

  1. As a turban.

Bad hair day? Check one of the hundreds of online tutorials showing you how to convert your favourite scarf into a full or half turban – just the thing for those days when you have to leave the house but don’t have time (or, let’s be honest here, can’t be bothered) to wash your hair!

  1. As jewellery.

Accessorising an outfit doesn’t have to mean gold & silver or diamonds & pearls - switch out your necklace for a jaunty scarf tied as a bow, or ditch your bangles for a scarf wrapped around your wrists. It’s fun to shake things up from time to time!

  1. To jazz up a handbag.

Don’t just use a dainty scarf here. The bigger the bag, the bigger the scarf you can use – for a bigger impact.

Also, if you have a bag with a solid handle (for example like this chocolate brown leather effect handbag by SILVIAN HEACH), tightly wind the scarf around the handle to give it a completely new look!

  1. As a blanket or throw.

Trains and planes only come with two temperature settings: sauna or fridge. Ensure a more pleasant journey by spritzing a gloriously large scarf (such as this black with grey & sand patterned mica scarf by ICHI) with your favourite perfume to counter those unpleasant public transport smells and use as a wrap or blanket should you find yourself feeling chilly.

  1. As a sling.

When Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly broke her arm in 1956 she used a Hermès as sling. Sounds absolutely fabulous!!

Check out S.W.A.L.K.’s full range of scarves here: https://swalkfashion.com/search?q=scarf

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