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Capsule Wardrobe: Autumn Outdoor Break

It might be chilly, but it’s frosty and bright. The days may be growing shorter, but clear blue skies and fiery foliage make the days seem as vibrant as they are in summer. You may need to wrap up warm, but the crunchy leaves and bracing air make it worth your while!

There’s something special about a little break during the autumn.

It just seems so much more indulgent than when you have a holiday in the summer, as that’s when you expect to be putting on your “out of office” message, packing your suitcase and jetting off somewhere warm.

And yet, during the autumn we tend to stay in the UK and have staycations. The British countryside is so beautiful at this time of year that it would be a shame to swap it for a sunny beach. And of course the upside of holidaying “at home” is no airports or long flights – even though there’s a high probability of getting caught in a traffic jam instead!

Whether or not you have kids, a staycation is definitely all about the outdoor fun (unless, of course, it rains, in which case staying on the sofa with a book is totally acceptable). Long walks are the order of the day, and activities such as swinging from trees (with harnesses, of course) and crazy golf are the perfect way to spend an afternoon before hitting a burger bar (or, if you’re really brave) hosting an autumn BBQ (mulled wine is necessary here!)

Even when I’m yomping through a muddy field I like to stay stylish – and no matter where I am, it’s essential for me to keep warm. I’m currently planning a getaway to the New Forest with my little family, and I thought I’d share with you some of the items I’m going to take with me.

The Jacket
On an autumn / winter break, it’s all about the jacket. Too big, heavy and bulky and you won’t feel like joining in all of the high jinks; too light & thin and you’ll be shivering on the sidelines.

This khaki waterproof bomber jacket with a hidden hood by ICHI is exactly what you need to handle any sort of weather and enjoy your weekend in style.

ICHI Bomber Jacket

The Jeans
Where would we be without skinny jeans? The only ones I wear are the Erin skinny mid-waist jeans by ICHI, shown here in black. Enough stretch to allow you to chase the kids (big & small!) through the park, but not so much that they’ll be bagging around the knees by teatime (if you’ve got a pair that does that – replace them with some of these, stat!!).

They also come in light blue bleached, medium blue, medium authentic blue, dark blue, and light grey.   

Erin Skinny Jeans Black ICHI


The Jumper
It’s fashion law - you can’t go away for an autumn break without taking a chunky jumper with you!

At the moment I’m torn between this oversized grey Piata jumper by SILVIAN HEACH and the rose dust Charlie stripe knit jumper by NUMPH. However, one thing I do know is that both are guaranteed to keep me snug and looking good!


The Top
Layer-up under your chunky jumper or, if it’s warm enough, wear on its own – the long sleeve t-shirt is a wardrobe staple. I absolutely love this super cute 3/4 sleeve floral print Viollette top by NUMPH!


The Dress
When you’re away, it’s nice to make an effort in the evening. This black with blue metallic thread Irene dress by NUMPH is relaxed and comfortable to wear, won’t crease in your overnight bag and says “dressed up” without being “over the top”.


The Bag
The large brown woven leather effect bag by SILVIAN HEACH is the perfect weekend handbag. You’ll be able to fit in water bottles, sippy cups, plenty of snacks, a couple of “Transformers”, a box of tissues and a packet of plasters – and still have room for your own purse, phone and makeup kit!


The Scarf
A scarf can really “make” an outfit, so wrap up warm in this dark blue, grey & white Malise check scarf By ICHI.



If you’re going away this autumn I hope you have an amazing time – and don’t forget to share your photos of you modelling your S.W.A.L.K. outfits with me!!

Ting xxx

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