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Hygge – S.W.A.L.K. and Chill

No doubt you remember last winter’s “hygge” trend? Maybe you even bought a hygge book (or received it for Christmas). You definitely got yourself a pair of chunky socks for “hyygelig nights in”!

Well, apparently this year hygge (that’s “hoo-ga”, in case you’ve been wondering for the past 12 months) has competition from the Swedish “lagom” (living with just enough), the Japanese “ikigai” (authentic living) and “shinrin-yoku” (forest-bathing), not to mention the Norwegian “friluftsliv” (free air life, i.e. camping).

Personally, you had me at cake and blankets, so I’m sticking with hygge – read on for the S.W.A.L.K. guide to all things comfy & cosy!

Setting the scene
Hygge’s all about feeling safe, warm and cosy, so getting the atmosphere right is very important.
Switch off the “big light”, turn on your lamps, throw some fairy lights over the mantelpiece and (if it’s safe to do so) light lots of candles. Bonus points if your candles are scented with fragrances of coffee, leather and cinnamon.

Make sure you’ve got lots of cushions to hand, preferably in soft fabrics such as knitted jersey or fake fur. And of course you’re going to need lots of snuggly throws and blankets.

If you’re lucky enough to have an open fire or log burner then it’s essential that you get that lit.

Play some soft and relaxing music in the background – everyone has their own personal tastes here, but don’t put on anything too up beat or dance-y, the vibe you’re going for is chilled and calm!

Finally, turn off your phone. Smartphones are definitely not hygge.

Who to hygge with
Hygge is about “togetherness”, so invite all of your favourite people! Friends, family, neighbours – and don’t forget to include your pet!

What to wear
Well, you’ve already got your chunky socks from last year, but what’s the point of following a lifestyle trend if it doesn’t mean that you get to do some shopping?

Hygge-wear needs to warm and comfortable, and the loungewear range by ICHI from S.W.A.L.K.’s latest collection fits the bill perfectly.

Snuggle up in these super-soft pieces which all mix and match in plain black or black & Feather Grey animal print.

Soft Long Lounge Cardigan

Soft Long Sleeve Lounge Dress

Long Sleeve Lounge Top

Soft Lounge Pants – also available in navy blue

Soft Lounge T-Shirt – also available in navy blue 

What to do
The idea of hygge activities is that they are simple and wholesome.

Get a pile of your favourite books (that’s actual books with pages – not on your Kindle!) to either read to each other or to the children.

If you can guarantee that World War 3 won’t break out, find some old fashioned board games to play. Charades is also fun.

Watching television isn’t banned, but choose a nice movie, just a couple of episodes of a box set (manically binge watching episode after episode until 3am is so not hygge, even if it is a Scandi-Noir!), or some fun retro cartoons.

If you’re feeling crafty you could try knitting, crocheting or cross stitching (if you want to make this a bit cooler, then there are some very funny and / or rude cross stitch designs on Pinterest).

Baking a cake, buns or biscuits is very hygge, especially as it fills your home with delicious smells and you can eat the goodies by candlelight afterwards!

You could hand write letters to each other (saying nice things, of course!) and then read them out, or you could just have a good old conversation (no controversial topics, please!)
But probably my most favourite hygge thing to do is to make a den with my little boys in the living room!

What to eat & drink
It’s not really hygge if you’re not enjoying something nice to eat or drink, so make sure you’ve got some lovely warming foods such as stews, mashed potatoes and soups to eat; red wine, tea or hot chocolate to drink; and of course cake, chocolate or homemade popcorn for pudding.

I don’t know about you, but now that I’ve got my “hygge” on, I won’t want to leave the house again until the spring!

All my love,
Ting xx

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