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The S.W.A.L.K Fashion Team’s Handbag Must-Haves

Fashion Handbags Must-Haves

Handbags – is there a woman alive who doesn’t have at least one?


Whether you carry a smart Louis Vuitton tote or an scruffy rucksack; whether you change it every day to match your outfit, or have been attached to the same one for the last 12 years; and whether it’s crammed full of everything including the kitchen sink or a minimalist’s dream – the relationship a woman has with her handbag is exceptionally personal!


I’m pretty nosy, so I was curious to see what the S.W.A.L.K. stylists carry around in their handbags (anyone else always dying to know what other people have in theirs, or is it just me??) and in the interests of blog research (I'm really quite selfless…) I got them to spill the beans.


And of course, it’s only fair that I let you have a peek inside mine as well!


Let’s take a look…


Nichola English, The Wardrobe Provocateur, is based in the northeast of England:


In my off-duty handbag I always carry a notebook and pen, Yes, I have a phone but sometimes writing stuff down is quite therapeutic and it really gets my creative styling juices going. I also like to doodle too when I’m having a coffee.


Shoe horns are a great, everyone should carry one of these. I always have one in my styling kit as well - you never know when you might need one, plus mine has some sentimentally attached to it.


Perfume is something I’ve always carried in my bag, big bottles or samples from my cosmetic counter friends. It’s one of those products that if you get it right, it can truly reflect your personality. I adore how amazing it feels when you spritz your favourite perfume - it just lifts your mood.


I have quite few pairs of sunglasses and I never leave home without a pair in my bag! I tend to take my favourites - Ray Ban Aviators – as they’re super stylish and easy to carry.



A small makeup kit is a must for me. It includes lipstick, lip gloss, YSL Touche Éclat (I never leave home without this little miracle), La Prairie bronzer and some blusher. It’s nice to freshen up during the day, and as a personal stylist it’s especially important to make sure I look good!


Business cards / leaflets are essential when you’re a business owner like me, as opportunities are all around, so I’m always prepared just in case.


For years I would take hankies (clean ones) from family and friends then one year my Mum was sick of me pinching hers all the time, so she started to get me hankies as a stocking filler at Christmas. I never leave the house without them!


I’m a bit of a book worm and love to read, therefore I always make sure I have a book with me to immerse myself in whilst enjoying a well-earned coffee!


Nichola Handbag


Sarah Norman-Luchford, Dressed By Sarah, is based in Kent.


My children are older now but I always carry baby wipes in my handbag - if I spill some coffee or rub against something dirty they are fab for making me look brand new again.


Deodorant, perfume and mints are essential - life is so busy but I always like to feel fresh and smell great.


Concealer, lip gloss and a good mirror keep my makeup looking fresh; and I always have a hair band and kirby grips with me in case of a hair disaster!


A gorgeous hand cream is always in my handbag, although this is usually used more often by my clients and friends than me!!


Finally, during the summer I never leave home without sun cream.  I burn easily and I'm trying to keep myself looking young, so SPF 30 is a must!


Sarah Handbag

Sarah Handbag Content


Veronika Nemeth, Style Coach MI, is based in Milan, Italy:


In the summer I like to use smaller bags that I either wear crossbody or just carry in my hands (tucked under my arm) both day and night.


I avoid overloading my bag because I don't want to carry around too much weight.


I also switch my handbags a lot more often than in the winter!


I always match it with my outfit either following the colour palette of my clothes and accessories or spice

things up with a bright contrasting colour. I love a nice bright bag for the summer!


I have several colours (different shades of teal, lemon yellow, cobalt blue – and I’m currently hunting for a nice pink!) and also love gold and silver as neutrals.


I usually shop for "nice materials" as opposed to brands and often purchase "Made in Italy" handmade leather bags. I like to splurge on clutches for special occasions and larger sized classic handbags.


My handbag must haves are my iPhone & earplugs (of course!), my pink Furla coin purse and matching card holder which holds all essential bank cards, ID, drivers licence & Metro card.


I also always carry my mini beauty "survival kit" which includes a nude lipstick (which goes with everything!), lip balm, plasters (blisters are not fun), hair bands, clips & bobby pins (sometimes you just want to put your hair up in a messy bun!), cleaning wipes for and a packet of mini tissues.


And finally – it’s virtually against the law to venture out of the house in Italy unless you have a pair of sunglasses with you!!


Veronika Handbag


Ting-Ting Lee, founder of S.W.A.L.K Fashion, lives in Surrey.


I’m a mum and a business owner – and because I run a fashion company it’s vital that I look good whether I’m on the school run or at a networking event, so the contents of my handbag reflect that!


My “looking great and professional” kit includes makeup (especially a colourful lipstick for a touch of glam!), a mirror, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream (for use on lips, hands and any other dry bits), a mini fragrance and a travel size dry shampoo to give my hair some oomph or a refresh when it needs it


Baby wipes, painkillers, plasters, tissues and a bottle of water are completely necessary when I’m on the go – whether or not I have the little ones with me!


Finally, I can’t run my business without my phone, so I always keep my emergency phone charging pouch handy, as well as a pen and notebook and my business cards.


Ting Silvian Heach Handbag


My woven leather effect handbag by SILVIAN HEACH is from the S.W.A.L.K. collection. It’s out of stock in black, however you can get the beige version here or the tan version here.


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I’d LOVE to know what’s in your handbag – let me know in the S.W.A.L.K. Personal Styling Facebook group. Get your exclusive invitation when you sign up to the S.W.A.L.K. newsletter!

Personal Stylist Group

If you haven’t properly met the S.W.A.L.K. style gurus yet, find out all about them over on the stylist page.


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