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The S.W.A.L.K. Guide to Wedding Etiquette

I’ve been invited to seven weddings this year. Seven - that’s a lot of prosecco and canapes!
Weddings are a lot less formal than they used to be, with the happy couple making up their own rules about how they want their special day to be.

However, there are still a few guidelines which any guest should stick to, regardless of whether the nuptials are being held barefoot on the beach or in St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Here’s the S.W.A.L.K. guide to Wedding Etiquette…

1. Wedding Dress
No, not the bride’s wedding dress – yours. Which should in no way, shape or form resemble an actual wedding dress. It’s the bride’s big day, so let her shine.

Always follow any stated dress code and steer clear of white dresses (obvs!), but also of anything lacy in a pastel colour, especially if it’s long and / or flowing.

If the bride will spill the beans, get her to tell you what the wedding colours are going to be so that you don’t match and end up looking like an accidental / wannabe bridesmaid.

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2. Plus Ones
If your invitation doesn’t say “plus one” (or the name of your husband / boyfriend / girlfriend / children / dog walker) – then they’re not invited. Don’t put the bride & groom (or their parents) in an uncomfortable position by asking if you can bring a guest.

By the same token – if you’ve confirmed that you will be bring a guest, don’t turn up alone!

3.  RSVP
Always send a formal response to your invitation as soon as possible. There’s a lot of preparation (and expense!) that goes into organising a wedding, so it will be greatly appreciated. Also – check who the invitation is addressed from – it’s all very well mentioning to the bride that you’ll be there, but if the groom’s parents have sent the invitation, it’s them you need to let know!

4. Gifts
If you’ve been invited to a wedding, whether to the whole shebang or just the evening do, it’s only polite to splash out on at least a small gift and card. And unless you know the bride & groom exceptionally well (we’re talking actual BFF or sister, here), don’t be tempted to go “off list”.

5. Be social…
… in person. Put your phone away (unless you’re taking photos) and whatever you do, don’t post spoilers online. This is not your special day, so let the happy couple share their photos first.

6. Get involved
Okay, taking part in an egg & spoon race on the lawn in your best dress might not be your idea of a great Saturday afternoon, but then it’s not your wedding. Throw your sandals off, hitch your skirt up and beat that flower girl!

Whatever “fun” activities the bridal party has planned, you’re duty bound to get stuck in and help make the day the best of their lives. You’d want the same thing on your special day.

7. Don’t be THAT guest.
You know the one. The one who has one too many glasses of fizz. The one who’s struggling to stay upright in her slightly too high high-heels. The one who heckles during the speeches. The one who is usually found crying in the loos at the end of the night.

Match every glass of bubbly with a glass of water and hit the bread basket as soon as you sit down for dinner.

Weddings are meant to be fun – they’re the perfect excuse to get dressed up and spend some quality time with your friends and family. However they’re often emotional and have the potential for tension, but by keeping a little bit of wedding etiquette in mind, all you’ll have the next day is a slightly fuzzy head and lots of happy memories!

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