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You Shall Go To The Ball!

It’s nearly party time!!!

But hold on, Cinderella – what are you going to wear?

It’s a question as old as time, and it’s usually followed by a panicked rummage through your wardrobe culminating in cries of either “I have nothing to wear!!” or “Ugh – I hate all of my clothes!” (or both!).

And then comes the shopping…

You’ve got to go on a weekend because you’ve not got enough time during your lunch hour. Because it’s the weekend you’ve got the kids with you (who are not interested in helping you to find the perfect outfit) – and of course it’s 5 weeks before Christmas, so the shops are heaving.

You’re stressed, miserable - and still have nothing to wear.

Well, just like a Fairy Godmother, I’m here to wave my magic wand and make things a bit easier for you!

But first things first, let’s do a little bit of planning…

Before you can conjure up your perfect dress you need to know:

- What the event is (Dinner? Cocktails? Dancing?)

- If there’s a dress code.

- Where the event’s going to be held (5 star hotel / dive bar / outdoor Christmas markets)

- How you’re getting there.

- How you’re getting home (you know what happened to that carriage after 12 o’clock!)

- Are you going straight from work or another event, or are you going to have time to get ready at home?

Here comes the fun part!

Now you where you’re going, what you’re going to be doing and what your travel arrangements are, you can choose your dress!

Here’s my edit of the very best Christmas party dresses from the S.W.A.L.K. Fashion collection. Browse them from the comfort of your sofa and have them delivered straight to your door (and if they’re not quite right, you can return them for free). How’s that for a fairy-tale shopping experience?

The Work Do

Always a difficult event to dress for – you usually go straight from the office, so have to take your outfit in with you, and you only have a short length of time to get changed (usually in the ladies’ loos). You also have to juggle looking “festive” while maintaining your professional persona (regardless of the fact that after a couple of proseccos that disappears anyway…).

I’d recommend this long-sleeved patterned black dress with pockets by ARMEDANGELS or the long-sleeve black with green & white pattern dress by ANONYME to show off your fun side as well as maintaining your dignity!


Armed Angel Black & White Pattern Dress




The Posh Do

A black-tie invitation – so glamorous, so exciting, so “I definitely need a new dress”! But you don’t want to spend money on something that:

  1. You’re just never going to wear again – which means that a ball gown is not an option (unless you’re going to an actual ball, in which case it is totally an option!!);
  2. Is too “unique” (you don’t want to be obviously wearing the same dress in every “going out” photo for the next 3 years).

Simple, understated, classy and just a little bit sexy – that’s what you’re looking for, and that’s what I have for you!

Check out the 3/4 sleeve black lace detail dress by SILVIAN HEACH and the Grace black lace dress by SUGARHILL BOUTIQUE.





The Girl’s Night Out Do

Girlie Christmas dos fall into one of two camps – either a chilled affair round at someone’s house or a crazy, boozy night of dancing and getting home at 2am.

For the former, I’d recommend this full sleeve rainbow heart print dress by SUGARHILL BOUTIQUE – just pull on some opaque tights and your comfiest boots, and you’re good to go!



For the latter, it has to be this black top with sequin skirt dress by SMASH – stilettos non-negotiable!




The Date Night Do

Taking some time out from all the hectic planning and seasonal stress and reconnecting with your “other half” is essential at this time of year. Remembering how much you really love one another when you’ve discovered that someone forgot to take the turkey out of the freezer can help to prevent a small fight escalating into World War 3!

Slip into one of these very sexy numbers and have yourself a romantic little Christmas…

The black lace top with ruched skirt dress by SMASH.



The sheer with golden velvet pattern dress by SMASH.


So, put away that sweeping brush, run yourself a bubble bath and arrive at that party like the princess I know you are!

All my love, your Fairy Godmother,

Ting xxx

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