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Your Winter Coat Buying Guide

The answer to the question, “When should I buy my winter coat?” is “now”!

Yeah, yeah – sounds like a sales ploy?

Well, actually – no.

I’m a “plan ahead” kinda girl, and buying essentials (such as milk, bread, and a winter coat) before I actually need them makes a lot of sense.

Just as you need your loaf of bread before you make your breakfast, it’s not a great idea to wait until it gets cold before you kit yourself out with a decent coat. There’s nothing worse than shivering at the school gate in your denim jacket when you know you could be snuggled up nice, warm and stylish if only you’d just planned ahead! Not to mention the fact that you don’t want to miss out on that “special one” that you’ve had your eye on!

So, what do you need to know before you splash out on one of the most expensive pieces in your wardrobe? Read ahead for my guide to buying your winter coat.

Take a look at your lifestyle

No, not how many units you drink on a school night, but the kind of activities you do on a regular basis!

Do you stand at a freezing bus stop every morning, or do you take the car to work? Do you like to go for long walks with your dog/kids/husband at the weekend, no matter the weather? Do you have a lot of nights out coming up?

Most of us need three coats to get us from November through to the end of March – a smart, knee-length coat to wear for work and special occasions, a warm and waterproof jacket for the weekend, and a cute (even sparkly) blazer for nights out.

Practical or pretty?

You don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth; you just need to choose your coat carefully.

The main things to consider are:

- Does it suit your body shape? For example, petite ladies need to be careful that a winter coat doesn’t swamp their frame. Find out more about how to dress for your body shape in my blog HERE

- Can you fit your other winter layers underneath? No one wants to look like the Michelin Man!!

- Does it work with the rest of your wardrobe? If you have a super casual look, then you’re probably not going to get much wear out of a wool knee-length tailored coat. And the same goes for colour – you may have fallen in love with this season’s must-have mustard, but does it really go with all of the pinky, pastel colours you usually wear?

Classic & Timeless

A winter coat is a significant investment, so choose wisely to ensure that you get the best cost-per-wear.

Go for a neutral colour that will stand the test of time – black, navy, khaki, or, if you’ve got the budget for the dry-cleaning bills, beige.

A classic cut will also ensure that when next winter rolls around, and you get your coat out of storage, you don’t wonder “what was I thinking?”

Take care

Look after your winter coat, and it’ll look after you.

Never hang it up on a hook – always use a wooden coat-hanger (even if you have to take one into the office with you!

Get your coat professionally cleaned before putting it away at the end of the winter, and if it contains wool or other natural fibres, use mothballs or other moth repellents such as cedar chips.

Here’s my pick of the best winter coats for any occasion!



Black & ivory plaid coat by BLACK TAPE


Cream with grey & black stripe sweater coat by BLACK TAPE



Black teddy bear Tito jacket with pockets by ICHI


ICHI Bomber Jacket

Khaki waterproof bomber jacket with hidden hood by ICHI

Special Occasion


Black velvet 3/4 length sleeve with satin collar blazer by BLACK TAPE


NUMPH Taupe Blazer

Deep taupe Elishia velvet blazer by NUMPH

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